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"The first wealth is health." Understand and manage your Diet with trusted nutrition expertise in minutes

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Child growth indicators

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Book expert nutritionist

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Nutrition driven Artificial intelligent

Nutrition driven AI

Services Dietup provide to fight malnutrition in childreen under 5 years old

Services Dietup provide to fight malnutrition in childreen under 5 years old

 we developing digital solution for people with diabetes, hypertensio, cardiovascular deseases as well as pregnant and lactating mothers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my data shared with third parties?

Dietup does not share your data with anyone unless you explicitly tell us to do so. You can review our Privacy Policy here

How can I contact you?

You can use contact form above or write to us info@dietup.rw or whatsapp: +250788972025

Does Dietup always work on network?

No. There are services that work even if you are offline, furthermore some data are stored on device

Is my data secure?

As a digital Nutrition company based in Rwanda, we take data privacy and security extremely seriously and we treat all information shared with us with the utmost care. The very structure of Dietup has been specifically designed to protect our users

Why you don't ask me password?

For better security, Dietup use passwwordless authentication means no more user memorized secrets, streamline the authentication process